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About Jane

Jane Newlands

B.A. (Psychology), B.Ed. M.A. (Counselling Psychology)

Jane is a highly dedicated professional and parent of three grown children. With a background in education and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, Jane is empathetic and a highly intuitive listener. Her well developed teaching and counselling skills provide a warm and secure environment for families, couples and individuals on their path to change and well-being.

Jane is passionate about personal growth and authenticity. Having studied Mindfulness Meditation, she uses her teachings by incorporating aspects of the practice into her therapy sessions. It is the ability of connecting to oneself with stillness that transforms the relationship with yourself, others and the external world. It is Jane’s belief that you have the capacity to awaken from old patterns of reactivity and live in the moment by looking deeply into your mind, body and heart, for clarification of what is required for positive change. For individuals, families and couples, awareness training and effective communication skills, can transform any problematic dynamic that has developed from the past.

As a student of Adlerian Psychology, she incorporates some elements of the psychodynamic development of the individual, along with a process of dialogue and inquiry, to clarify the situation, and understand her clients and their problems.


Couples Counselling

Family Therapy

Conflict Resolution & Mediation


Stress & Life Balance

Anxiety in Children

Personal Growth & Spirituality

Grief & Loss


Cognitive/Behavioural Therapy

Mindfulness & Awareness Training


And other struggles and challenges that are unique to you.

To practice “the art of living well”, I have had the good fortune to work with many inspiring teachers, their understanding and compassion, have instilled in me a sense of purpose and confidence in my work and life. Motivation and vision can get lost in our struggles, with personal courage and faith in others, therapy will offer refuge and safety to face challenges, to forgive your past, heal your present and transform your future.

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